For City streets

Imagine it is morning, you are driving into your workplace and there is much less traffic than your normal mornings. Your navigation system directs you to an available parking spot near your destination, you then pay on app, and arrive to work on time, what a lovely morning.

When your boss wants you to show him how you have managed to increase the productivity, you show them how your current manpower of traffic inspectors increase productivity, since now they get alerts whenever someone exceeds the parking time or is parking in any illegal way.

Most importantly you now have a real time tool to meet all your future planning requirements of your smart city. Our Heat Map allows you to better understand your city’s needs, helping to solve your traffic issues. You get Big Data insights, information on where people initially wanted to be navigated and where they ended up parking, thus driving smarter city planning. You can also ask for any big data you need, translates into cash flow for your city, In App Payment for easy advanced revenue control, Open API for seamless interaction between applications and Cloud or Servers based solution.

Stop dreaming! we have the solution ready for you and your smart city.