ParKam's state of the art navigation system guarantees you always arrive at an available parking spot.

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For City streets

Imagine it is morning, you are driving into your workplace and there is much less traffic than your normal mornings. Your navigation system directs you to an available parking spot near your destination, you then pay on app, and arrive to work on time, what a lovely morning.

When your boss wants you to show him how you have managed to increase the productivity, you show them how your current manpower of traffic inspectors increase productivity, since now they get alerts whenever someone exceeds the parking time or is parking in any illegal way.

Most importantly you now have a real time tool to meet all your future planning requirements of your smart city. Our Heat Map allows you to better understand your city’s needs, helping to solve your traffic issues. You get Big Data insights, information on where people initially wanted to be navigated and where they ended up parking, thus driving smarter city planning. You can also ask for any big data you need, translates into cash flow for your city, In App Payment for easy advanced revenue control, Open API for seamless interaction between applications and Cloud or Servers based solution.

Stop dreaming! we have the solution ready for you and your smart city.


For Parking lots

Our smart solution answers all parking needs, by providing a variety of increased or new revenue streams to your parking lot.

Imagine your customers driving through the gate, an LPR system recognises their license plate, they are then directed to a free parking spot, with no stress or traffic jam in your parking lot, all in real time.

When they wish to return to their car, the app navigates them to it (never again will you see anyone looking for their lost car...), then they pay on app (and yes it can be in your app!), the exact amount is charged (no more headache of lost cards, unnecessary manpower for card validation on special offers etc..) and no more clutters at the exit gate. Can you imagine achieving 100% utilization of your parking lot

We use cameras that are already installed or will be easily installed in designated areas, one simple camera can cover up to 100 parking spots. We will give you a state of the art BI tool to better understand your parking lot needs, a Big data tool that analyzes customer behavior and patterns to support targeted marketing that translates into cash flow for your parking lot, all is provided via cloud platform and processed on high-end servers.

ParKam offers you a complete holistic solution, however, we understand each parking lot has their own needs and uniqueness. Let us help you build the right suite for your parking lot needs. Well you do not need to dream anymore, our technology is there, ready for the challenge. 

Our Leadership Team


Co-Founder & CEO

B.Sc. in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Specialized in signal & image processing and machine learning


Co-Founder & VP Business Development

B.A. in Business Management, majored in Accounting
Former manager at Ernst & Young, Israel



B.Sc. in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Over 10 years as algorithm developer and system architect


Managing Director ANZ

B.A in Communication & Journalism
Years in various management roles
as well as elite level swimming coach


Managing Director

LL.B. (Law), a B.A. (Accounting) and E.M.B.A. (magna cum laude) major of Finance. Year of experience in the field of High as a lawyer since 2010.


Director BD - Europe

Board member of EPA (European Parking Association) and Vexpan (in the Netherlands). Previously, General
Manager at Park Assist Europe


Algorithm Leader

PhD in Neuroscience specialized in signal processing and data analysis
10 years in research and teaching roles at Bar-Ilan university


R&D Manager

B.Sc. in Communication Systems Engineering
7 years as a system developer and team leader developer